Replica Gucci Belt society from a traditional society

Because of this, the author strongly agree meeting hit the nail on the head of urbanization in the central, points out that the essence of urbanization is urbanization, and will promote agricultural transfer of population urbanization as the primary task of urbanization. Urbanization to solve, not just the farmers into the city, as a citizen, but also the strict line break the barriers for the household registration, the abolition of identity level, make the Replica Gucci Belt society from a traditional society to modern society, it is the key to the urbanization and the core.

In this respect, the essence of urbanization is not the change of economic structure, but the change of idea and system, is through the reform and the abolition of the divided people into the 369, including household registration, such as unreasonable system, equal embedded in the social ecological elements, to establish the real contract and civil society, to realize Replica Gucci Belt society from agricultural civilization to the great transition of urban civilization. Farmers into the city, is a citizen, you must acknowledge their equal rights from the legal level. Our neighbours Japan and Fake Gucci Belt of urbanization, in the history of human urbanization is relatively successful cases, there are no big social unrest, and no slums in Latin America and other countries, one of the reasons for its success, is in the process of urbanization, by law, and even the constitution to ensure that farmers into the city public and fully enjoy the same treatment, will increase the equal rights of farmers to the constitutional perspective, so as to avoid false or rawish urbanization Cheap Gucci Belts.

If farmers into the city, work and life in the city, but he couldn’t enjoy the urban residents in employment, education, health care, housing, social security, public services, cannot achieve the citizenization of farmers, the urbanization is essentially a false urbanization, urbanization, urbanization of predatory raw.

If urbanization is with the person this, take the massive cost of the citizenization of peasants, if urbanization is to strictly control the land, does not allow for city, not every city must become a giant, if urbanization planning continuity, not a government transition, transition plan, blueprint to go the whole hog, believe that the local government for urbanization impulse will be much smaller. For that matter, in the middle of the meeting will be Gucci Belt Replica urbanization of urbanization from the error of data point back on the road, urbanization almost sing slanting, and be right back.

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